Flash Tattoo - Jenny Clarke

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Mixed with sketches


Set no: #154
Artist: Mordenti
Sheets: x6 (A3 120gsm)
Price: £65.00 (inc vat)
Laminating: £15 (inc vat)
Has Line Drawings: Yes

About this set

Mixed with Sketches - Full colour centrepieces of Mermaids, Fairies, Jesus and Mary, each surrounded by related sketches worked up to an attractive level, to be used as is or coloured if preferred. Full lines drawings, including those for the sketches (one example shown.... THIS IS A 6 SHEET SET WITH 6 SHEETS OF LINE DRAWINGS). Any 4 sets for just £260 (Set 54 is £20 extra) Bigger orders – see ‘Special Offers'


Sheet no. 1

Sheet no. 2

Sheet no. 3

Sheet no. 4

Sheet no. 5

Sheet no. 6